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Tuck a flower behind your ear (right ear if your single, left ear if you’re taken) and get ready for something new. Enjoy!

Click on the calendar of events, above, for details on our daily activities offered at Center Stage
Hula Lessons - Fun for all ages
Coconut Husking Demo - Hands on demonstration on how to husk a coconut.
Cultural Hula Lessons - Learn the history of hula before learning to sway your hips, all ages welcome.
Lei Making - Learn to make flower, ti leaf, haku and wili leis.
Evening Performances - Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm, featuring Polynesian and Tahitian dance shows to local favorites. Check out the monthly calendar for additional nightly shows and times.  Only in Hawaii!

Whale watching season – October through April
Every fall, humpback whales migrate over 15,000 miles to Hawaiian waters to mate and give birth. Once hunted to near extinction, they’re slowly increasing in numbers. In the fall through early spring, you can often see these gentle giants breaching right off shore.

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