Papa Hula (Hula Class) at ʻOhana Courtyard

girl dancing hula on beach

Visit Whalers Village for Papa Hula (Hula Class)

Location icon Whalers Village
Cal icon Now – Sun, Dec 31: 11am – 12pm
Time icon Saturdays
Learn the Art of Hula at this Complimentary Event

Proclaimed as the "language of the heart" and "the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people" by King Kalākaua, hula is an art form that connects Native Hawaiians to our culture, language, and history. Through hula, we portray legends and mythology, share our love of wahi pana or legendary places, and even tell precious love stories.


In our weekly Papa Hula events, Patty will lead you in exploring the art of hula with live music by Sabi. You'll be introduced to the basic footwork, learn how to position your hands to represent the words in an oli (chant) or mele (song), and discover the significance of this meaningful dance. Watch and dance along to some of Hawaiʻi's favorite mele including "My Yellow Ginger Lei," Lei Hoʻoheno," "Mele ʻOhana," and "Kanaka Waiwai."


Day: Every Saturday

Time: 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Location: ʻOhana Courtyard

Hosted by: Patty and Sabi


We hope you'll join us for this complimentary Papa Hula event to explore the art of hula and help us keep Hawaiian culture, language, and history alive for generations to come!