Ulana Lau Niu (Coconut Frond Weaving) at ʻOhana Courtyard

Coconut Fronds Woven Together

Visit Whalers Village for Ulana Lau Niu (Coconut Frond Weaving)

Location icon Whalers Village
Cal icon Now – Sun, Dec 31: 12pm – 1pm
Time icon Fridays
Learn the Art of Coconut Frond Weaving at this Complimentary Event

For thousands of years, Native Hawaiians and islanders across the Pacific have practiced the art of Ulana Lau Niu, or coconut frond weaving. Across generations, this special skill has been elevated to a fine art. Ancient Hawaiians used coconut fronds to weave baskets to hold food. Today, woven creations are as creative as they are practical, and as fashionable as they are functional!


In our weekly Ulana Lau Niu events, Uncle Ron will lead you in exploring the art of coconut frond weaving. You'll be introduced to the basics of the art form, talk story about its history and many uses, and have a chance to view Uncle Ron's distinctive Maui Coco Roses. Also, take home your very own hand-crafted coconut frond creation to commemorate your experience with us here at Whalers Village!


Day: Every Friday

Time: 12 to 1 p.m.

Location: ʻOhana Courtyard

Hosted by: Uncle Ron


We hope you'll join us for this complimentary Ulana Lau Niu event to explore the art of coconut frond weaving and help us keep this special art form alive for generations to come!